Passeport Élite (Specialty Retail)

These are very desirable products. An exclusive, complete, retail ready line. Epoxy, garage floor kits, finishing products, plus paint and decoration products!



Casting Deep Pour Epoxy

4.13L and 1.42L Kits  |  Ideal for Live Edge River Tables

Passeport Elite’s professional grade casting epoxy is designed for deep pours up to 3″ thick! Its formula provides excellent bubble release and creates an ultra-durable surface that resists impacts, cracking, moisture and stains. To add, this is a VOC FREE product with a crystal-clear flawless finish and is specially designed for river table, ocean table and deep casting projects.
Technical Sheet / SDS


Photo of Passport Elite DIY Epoxy kit       

100% Solids Floor Epoxy

All-In-One 4.5L Kit  |  Clear or Pre-Tint Light Grey

The ideal garage floor epoxy kit! It is resistant to tire marks, oils and gasoline and protects against chipping. This product is the solution for attractive, spotless and durable concrete floors.  Latest technology has allowed consumers to obtain an extremely high-quality professional product easy to apply and very user friendly.  The benefits of using a one hundred percent solids epoxy are; first, it’s very durable and it will resist to peeling. Second, it’s practically odourless – because there’s no solvent you can use it anywhere in your home where there’s a concrete floor, basement or garage.  Next, it’s a very smooth high gloss finish easy to apply and very washable. Passeport Elite’s 100% Solids Epoxy All-In-One system has been approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to be used in food processing plants.  Low in VOC and odour. *Ask about our starter bundle!
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Countertop Food-Safe Epoxy

4.13L and 1.42L Kits  |  Stunning, Flawless and Durable Finish

This 100% solids countertop epoxy creates a non-porous, antibacterial surface that resists moisture and stains. Second, it’s an ultra-durable product with a crystalline finish and is absolutely food safe, making it ideal for countertops and butcher blocks.  Countertop Epoxy from Passeport Elite is Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) approved. Low in VOC.
Technical Sheet / SDS

Epoxy Finish

3.78L and 940ml  |  Gloss or Satin

Passport Elite’s Epoxy Finish is specially designed to revive the look and enhance the shine of any interior epoxy surface. This one component water-based polyurethane offers a transparent finish without yellowing as well as supreme strength. It is non-toxic, easy to apply and ready to use. Coverage rate is approximately 400 sq. ft. per gallon.
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Epoxy Application Toolkit

13 Pieces  |  Perfect for your Garage Floor Epoxy!

All-in-one set includes; 18” squeegee, 2 lint free 9 ½” x 10mm sleeves, 1 power mixing paddle, pair of spiked shoes, 2 chip brushes, 2 pairs of nitrile gloves, 2 wooden stir sticks, 9 ½” plastic cage frame, pair of end caps.



Decorative Flakes

2 lb. Box  |  50-250 sq. ft. Partial Coverage

Vinyl ¼” flakes available in the following four colour blends; Domino, Gunflint Trail, Nightfall, and Outback.

(40 lb. boxes available in fifteen blends, not for retail)


Epoxy Crack Filler


A two-component, flexible epoxy designed for concrete cracks up to 1cm (3/8 in.) wide. Thanks to an elevated solids content, this high-performance material dries without loss of volume and protects against damage caused by water and freeze-thaw cycles.
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Anti-Slip Coating

3.78L   |  Accent Base or Tintable White

Makes surfaces safer while enhancing their appearance.  This textured coating is 100% acrylic and ideal for use anywhere an extremely durable, anti-slip finish is desired. For interior/exterior use.
Technical Sheet / SDS


Interior Wood Stain

940ml – 473ml – 236ml  |  20 Original and 20 Blended Colours

This water-based wood stain is ideal for any interior wood: furniture, cabinets, woodwork, mouldings, doors, and floors.  It is almost odourless and does not create lap marks or raise the grain. The rich colors of Passeport Élite, created by their master dyers, are designed to enhance the value and luster of wood. The stain is available in a variety of 20 colors for the 236ml and 473ml sizes. A tint base is also available in an 800ml format.
Technical Sheet / SDS
Colour Chart & Instructions
 (18.93L and 3.78L available upon request)


Primer Sealer & Undercoat

3.78L – 18.65L

An ideal base coat for porous or absorbent surfaces. This quick drying acrylic latex coating can be painted over with urethane alkyd-based, oil-based or latex-based finishing paint.  For interior use on either new or old surfaces adequately prepared, such as plaster, sheetrock, masonry block and ceiling tile.
Technical Sheet / SDS


Solvent-Based Sealer

3.78L – 18.9L  |  Satin or Semi-Gloss  |  20% or 30% Solids

Specifically designed to protect cementitious surfaces such as pavers, sidewalks, paths, driveways, garage floors and other masonry surfaces.  It enhances the durability and appearance of horizontal coatings for both residential and commercial applications.
Technical Sheet / SDS


Deck Wash Cleaner

3.78L  |  Ready to Use

Removes stains caused by mildew, dirt and algae. Thanks to its deep penetrating formula, this product revives the natural look of exterior wood. Ready to use, requires no mixing.
Technical Sheet / SDS


Semi-Transparent Linseed Oil Stain

887ml and 3.52L

Protects your decks, fences and siding against the weather without detracting from the texture and graining of natural wood.
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Paint Decoration and Accessories

Brushes  |  Roller Sleeves  |  Cleaning  |  Paint Tray Kits

The choice of professionals! We stock the complete range of Passeport Elite’s Inspiration, Performance, and Essential painting accessories. This includes; paint brushes, stain brushes, paint rollers, cage frame handles, drop cloths and paint tray kits.